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Dr. Brooke Foreman (she/her)

Brooke Foreman Acupuncture
Eastern Medicine Doctor/ Yogi
Kapaa, Hawaii
I'm Dr. Brooke from Kauai, Hawaii. 
I help proactive people (like you) cultivate longevity, vitality and an elevated quality of life so that you can optimize your health and beauty.

Dr. Brooke Foreman is a former pharmaceutical sales representative who became an integrative Chinese Medicine Doctor, national fitness and yoga instructor, health coach and enthusiastic founder of Vibrant Vixen Vitality Blueprint™ and Vitality Success Blueprint™ online courses, a world leader in lifestyle enhancement education.

During her more than 25 years of fitness industry and health care experience, she has been called a “miracle worker,” “Dr. Sunshine,” and ‘wellness warrior” by patients and colleagues. Why? Because she is a relentless fighter for her patients – investigating and delivering the best, simplest, and safest ways to improve their lives as quickly as possible. She has inspired and empowered thousands of clients, instructors, healthcare providers, and patients worldwide by integrating the best of east and west scientifically-sound healing modalities.

Integrative Health and Yoga Offerings: 

Laughter Yoga Experience
Bliss to Burnout - Overwhelmed AF / Yogic Tools to soothe tired adrenals
Acupuncture Meditation Experience