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Stevon Artis

is an American Musician/singer-songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist.

Born: July 5 1990
 Raised in Hawai'i
on the Island of O'ahu
He is best known for his Acoustic work as Stevon Artis Live
and The Drummer of The Artis Family
Playing Drums since Age 13,
in The Family groups
"The Ron Artis Family Band"
and Currently touring with Funk Band
"Ron Artis II & The Truth.
Stevon is the 4th of 11 Children of Ron & Victoria Artis
all of whom are Musically & Artistically talented.

But before The Drums
growing up in such a large and gifted family
Stevon first found his love of Music as a child
inspired to learn Guitar and Piano as his father would always
play and sing to tell them bed-time stories of life lessons

"in styles of soft folk, country until we were fast asleep or even some nights Rag-Time Piano
until we danced out all our energy"

Inspired by his Parent's lives
Stevon believes Music to be
"a form of expressing Life,Love,it's a Conversation,a way to guide,
Heal and Teach,a Light of encouragement".

as his Mother would always encourage him to
"never sing something that you don't believe".
Stevon's performances include genres of
and more...

as well as His Original Rock Group "Heavenly" debuted in 2017

Stevon has also worked with the following artists:

Performing with:
John Cruz,
Henry Kapono,
Mike Love,
Citizen Cope,
Sun Little,
and more..

and opened for Artists:
Jack Johnson
Ceelo Green
Allen Stone
The Ohio Players
and more...